Natural, organic, sustainable handmade pendants, Tagua Seed from the Rainforest Amazon and Healing wood Palo Santo, linked with Sterling silver, Copper and stones to increase the energy levels.

The meaning of the Butterfly symbol signifies transformation, change, new path.

The butterfly is also believed to be a messenger from the spirit world

Tagua Seed from the Rainforest Amazon, Healing Wood Palo Santo from the Cloud Forest. Used by medicine people, shamans to bring harmony, inner strength, and positive energy. 

Stones, sterling silver and copper to increase the energy levels.

Each pendant is unique in the shape, design and color.

Size pendant - Healing Wood 3cm high - 2cm width -  Silver touch 1.5cm 

Size pendant - Tagua Seed 3cm/3.5 cm- high 2cm 2.5 width - Copper touch 1cm

                         Please note that the Tagua Seed is unique in the natural shape and

                         color. Beautiful natural pendants.

All our natural resources are organic and 100% sustainable.