About us


Welcome to our site, we are Healing Forest 

A Native family of artisans, shamans and medicine people!

Our concept is to make beautiful and unique body adornments to bring harmony and healing.

To share healing and knowledge from our ancestors.

We work respecting and loving mother Earth. 

We truly believe that is important to wear something natural and have a special connection with nature and the universe .We bring the natural raw, organic gifts from sacred places and make the unique body-adornments using the seeds, healing wood, stones, crystals and herbs. 

The energy power of the stones, seeds, plants from the Sacred Rainforest in the Amazon and Healing Wood Palo Santo. To bring love and good energy to your body and mind by wearing our beautiful hand-made items.

Plus all the seeds and sacred wood we use are SUSTAINABLE, ORGANIC, all the wood products that we use are from tree that have died of natural courses, hand-carved with love and good energy.

We are based in Milton Keynes, UK. We  travel the weekends all around, to find us you should go to events where you can visit us.

Our design concepts are healing body adornments that create the chance for wearers to get powerful healing results through natural energies .e.g. Tagua Seed, healing stones, crystals and Healing Wood Palo Santo.

 All our products bring about their own natural healing power for different needs and different results.
Pendants are totally unique. Handmade, organic and 100% Sustainable!

Sending Positive energy 

Karina & Pepe

Healing Forest Family