Five Leaf Clover - Silver - Malachite

Beautiful handmade healing wood pendant, with sterling silver, with Malachi stone all linked together to bring positive energy, and brightness.

Five Leaf Clover, symbolic of the harmonic unification of all elements.

This numerological ideal combined with clover meaning is very auspicious and powerful.

Clover meaning of abundance, clover growth is prolific with very little provocation. It also symbolizes stability, expanse and fecundity (fertility).

Just as the three leaf clover represents one of three tenets, so too does the five-leafer.

All our pendants are made with care and positive energy, always respecting and loving mother nature.

Price pendant includes a cotton waxed cord 18 inches long and a Cotton bag, with  information recycled card. 

Sustainable packing, cotton bag and information recycled card is included in the price.

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