Healing Forest HF - Eco-Friendly - Organic & Sustainable

Natural Incense - Palo Santo - Healing wood

Healing Forest



When burned Palo Santo gives off a warming nurturing cent with a hint of wonderful citrus aroma and a mix of Forest.

It’s soft aroma brings peace and calm energy, the wood itself carries a high frequency that benefits us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Just beautiful for any place, naturally contains d-limonene, when the smoke goes up to your brain d-limonene relax your body and your mind. 

- 4 Organic Healing Wood Palo Santo wood sticks ready to use for incense!

100% Organic & sustainable 

Sustainable packing: Clear Bio-degradable Corn/potato Starch and recycled paper.

    Collections: Palo Santo, Smudging

    Type: organic

    Vendor: Healing Forest

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