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Sacred herbs SAHUMERIO

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 Seven herbs, seven journeys!

Combination of seven powerful leafs from plants and healing trees.

Seven herbs mixed together to  bring a great unique aroma, for a deep cleansing a deep meditation! Connection with universe !

Within the natural properties when the herbs are burned they are great to smudge places. With this bag you will have for many sessions, just need a bit amount of the herbs, you don't need charcoal, the herbs contains Palo Santo powder it has naturally oil. 

Seven herbs, seven journeys

Organic and sustainable, harvested with love, helping to continue a traditional way ancestral healing.

Packing: Potato starch bag biodegradable, recycled paper and vegetable ink.

Note :  Please note that the incense burner is not included.

Collections: Smudging

Category: herbs, Meditation, sacred herbs, saumerio

Type: smudging herbs

Vendor: Healing Forest

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