Healing Wood Oil Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens


Healing Wood / Palo Santo  

Good for Meditation 



Emotional Pain

1 x Healing Wood Oil  5ml 100% PURE 

Pure and organic. Healing Wood (Palo Santo) oil has been used by medicine people in different ways for centuries. It is used to help with stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain. 

How to Use Healing Wood Palo Santo:

 Only 2 drops 

- Direct Palm Inhalation

- Electrical Diffuser or Natural  Diffuser (Healing Wood ) you can buy separately.

 The essential oil can only be extracted from dead trees of fallen branches using " Vapor distillation " that is done without chemicals or solvents. The distiller is Certified and the product is 100% Organic. Natural Powerful Healing/ The power of Mother Nature.

100% Organic and Sustainable 

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